2 Sam 6: 5
"David and all Israelites were dancing and singing with all their might to honour the LORD"

The LORD asks, "Why do you worship Me?"

David won great victories. Many indeed. But only when he is bringing the ark of the LORD's presence back to Jerusalem does he dance like he is the happiest man that lived.

Try to compare the whole feeling when you were last lost in wondrous praise of God to that feeling when you achieved something great...aced exams, or got a great job or whatever.

How whole was the experience when you jumped up without care, and tears flowed when you saw the presence of God...and remembered how good He is.

There will be no success that will ever compare to that time of pure adoration of God.

And what can we say?

Does it even make human sense? That our joy is fullest when we are just "singing", " blubbering words with closed eyes", "crying for no reason" etc. in those times of dedicated praise and worship?

Isaiah 55: 8
"'My thoughts', says the LORD, " are not like yours, and My ways are different from yours
As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are My ways and thoughts above yours'"

Consider the miracles God has done in your lives..whether to you or people you know.

Many were after impossibly hard situations that people couldn’t wait to get out of.

And yet all those lead us to that one place of worship where joy alone can't describe. When we start the adoration of God, those memories speak multitudes...making our hearts just fall down in pure amazement of this God...who didn't have to...but He did.

The miracle is not just for the sake of itself.

It is put there to lead us to the best part of our lives...the parts of pure adoration... Those parts that give us a glimpse of how it will feel like for all eternity, praising God.

David told Michal why he jumped and danced like a mad man... In honour of the LORD who had given him the throne instead of Michal's father's (Saul) family. 2 Sam 6: 21 - 22.

David's years in running from Saul (1 Sam. 20 - 31) all contributed to that experience, that day when he brought back the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.

And the greater joy was in that dancing, than when he spared Saul's life after God put it in his hands.

The giveaway is the difference in reaction...dancing crazily versus running away from Saul again.

This brings us to the question, "Have we ever wondered about say 'boredom' in the monotonous activity of worshipping God forever in eternity?" (Rev. 4: 8-11)

If you have had an experience of pure adoration of God, you will understand why you would never want it to end.

Worship, praise, pure adoration of God is a gift the LORD gives to us...it is like entertainment but in the most reverse way...we do the entertainment, and yet get "entertained" ourselves much more than any entertainment that will ever be created by man...or machine.

...of course without having experienced this in the past, all one will see (and read) is some unenjoyable uncool disgusting thing as Michal saw in 2 Sam. 6: 16.

Look further into John 4: 21 - 24.

May the LORD's blessing on you lead you into the best part of your life...pure adoration of Him...beyond just song...but in all aspects of our lives.