Is the difference between a Christian, and a rebel

One simple thing separates us,
Just a decision to want or not to want,
Leads to two very opposite personalities.

A Christian is just an average human being.
The potential to do both bad and good is there,
Truth be told, sometimes Christians do bad.

Don't we sometimes lie?
Some of us have stolen. Killed even!
Fornicated! I'm not even considering the high bar of anger equals murder and lust equals adultery.
We repent all our lives because the process of perfection is ongoing.

A Christian is not the one born with the strongest will,
Or one brought up in the most well behaved home.
No. Some are. Many are not.

Yet they always grow into something amazing.
No matter their past, they always show the same Christian trait
Of love, strength, endurance, excellence, patience, forgiveness, joy, kindness etc.

And what do they do differently?
Only one thing.
They choose to want Christ every time life makes them choose.

Above life, above their own understanding.
Even above what seems to make most sense,
They just choose to believe Christ.

The rest is up to God. He alone transforms them.
Life's challenges many times surprise them.
They haven't figured it all out.

They have just figured out the only thing that counts.
To be for or against Christ.
They chose to be 'for' and thus will never fail no matter what.

John 1: 12, Romans 12: 2, 1 John 1: 8, John 16: 33, Matthew 5: 22, Matthew 5: 28, Galatians 5: 22-23, 1 Corinthians 9: 24-27

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