Keep away from Social Media News Feed, it is working against you.

My Background

I’m laughing when I’m writing this because I probably would be one of the engineers creating this ‘snake in the grass’.

I shouldn’t laugh though because it is a serious problem which can remain hidden when its effects are vivid.

I left Facebook…

I'm tired of this nonsense. Something crazy happens and then suddenly everyone is talking about it like it is big, and that God is a by-the-way.

No. Stop it. Stop dishonoring my God. Stop it.

Who said a disease is stronger than God.


Why then do you start saying…

We human beings are very simple at the core. We just want to live. It is really quite simple.

We want to rest when tired.
We want to eat when hungry.
We just want to feel important.
We want to laugh without being judged.
We don't want pain.
We want to play with our friends.

Let us not downplay this ever!

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Thank You All Who Helped And are Helping Out

What we have encountered as a planet has been tragic. In one way or another, most of us all around the world have been affected by the tragic COVID-19 pandemic that engulfed the world in 2020.

May the LORD be gracious to each of…

How You would look at a Caveman now is how the future might look at you.

Look carefully around you right now. Stop reading right now and look around. What do you see?

A wall? A couch? A sauce pan? A hammock?

I want you to see everything. Don’t mind whether it is something as minor as a cemented or…

Who is it who sits awhile with me?
Who is this King with me on the floor?
Whose arm is this around me,
As my chest heaves with every sob?
But who else except the King of the universe!

Whose hand awkwardly grasps mine?
Whose hand searches for mine to hold it,
Just to reassure me He is here?
As I wail at the latest injustice thrown at me.
Who else but the Supreme Glory, the King?

Who is this who keeps sighing?
Who is this who keeps trying to say "It is well"?
When I am going on and on about this hurt?
I seem to not listen but He is still here!
Who else but He who was nailed on a tree for me?

Martin Ahindura

I write about things that matter to me; the beginning of these things is my Creator, the LORD. These things include love-life poems, software and data science

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